Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Suit Yourselves

Don’t like a guy’s balls peeking out from his shorts? How about these two beauties:

He may not be pretty now, but he was somebody's baby, once

First, from Pelican Narrows (a Native reserve south of Sandy Bay – they’re like sister cities. Pregnant, 17-year old alcoholic sister cities) comes this beauty of a dead dog. Mr. George Trevor, friend and colleague of mine, will allude to having seen this in his blog. I, however, have the chutzpah to actually show you. If this were the Iraq War and the dead dog was, oh… dead American soldiers and Iraqi citizens, George would be USA Today and I’d be… I dunno, some European newspaper.

Note that George has seen this same dog for about three weeks now, lying in the gutter just outside Pelican Narrows (or “Pelican”, as the kids call it). Their dead dog collection service mustn’t be as well-financed as that back home.

Amber: good for cloning dinosaurs, bad for bathing in

Second, I submit for your approval one water-filled bathtub. Mine, in fact. I assure you nay-sayers that, indeed, this photo has been untouched. When the water is this colour, it kinda defeats the whole purpose of bathing as I understand it.

Also, please do not laugh at the fact that I have a separate bottle for conditioner. I'm not gay. I just can't get the right texture for my hair without it. Christ.


Blogger Cameron McKay said...

OMG! A separate bottle for conditioner?! Homo.

8:29 pm  
Anonymous Jessica said...

So, what about your teacher conference adventures??

8:31 pm  
Blogger Mike said...

I know I shouldn't publicly out him in such a forum, but Cameron has one of those puffy balls you put lotion into to soap up with. He hasn't bought a bar of soap since 1998. Basically I'm saying he's gay.

And as for the teacher's conference... well, I don't want to malign all the new female teachers in northern Saskatchewan, but they either have no sex drives, or each of them own the largest dildos available in the Western world. Or they could be gay, too, I guess.

8:57 pm  

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