Friday, March 30, 2007

Look Ma, I'm Artsy!

Second-year photography assignment, here I come!

Whoa, what the hell happened there? For those of you following at home, I haven’t had a new post since March the… 3rd?! Hell of a way to lead things into our 1st anniversary. Apologies to those of you who have signed up for the IKBIC Premium Club featuring exclusive interviews, music and video clips; my sit-down with J. D. Salinger will be up on Sunday.

You know, running a blog is hard work. Just ask Cameron I-Shut-Down-My-Blogspot-Account McKay. Keeping that thing up to date nearly gave that poor man an ulcer. Oh, sure, he’ll say he had more important things to do, like… I dunno, gank some newbs in Tirisfal Glades, get a Master’s in less than 5 years (just sayin’…) and have a social life, but you and I both know it was his demanding legion of fans, rabid for every last detail of his life that made him quit.

Anyway, what was I saying? Oh yes - running a blog isn’t always fun and games, and sometimes it’s a real goddamn stretch to come up with anything worth mentioning. And since I still got nothing, here’s a lame post filled with photos I took the other day! Enjoy, losers!

This first batch of photos was taken in Sandy Bay right at the end of winter. Photos taken literally the next day would have looked totally different in terms of how much snow is on the ground. This first one shows the actual… bay of Sandy Bay fame.

Next up is our church… oh, psych! It was actually a courthouse that day. What a way to run a railroad, eh? Not to sound like a prick, but there’s something very evocative about this photo. I think it accurately hints at a lot of the issues this community faces.

No, these children didn’t sign a waiver to appear on my blog, but what are you going to do about it? Nah, I kid. In order to avoid legal difficulties, these are actually mannequins I dressed up and pushed around on the swings before taking the photo.

This photo shows off a lot of what this town looks like, if you’re curious.

Oh, you naughty dog! Who’s a bad boy! Who’s the bad doggie that opened up the trash box, took the trash out, ripped it open, spilled my used beer cans on the ground and showed everyone I have alcohol in my home? Is it you? Oooh, you’re so fucking adorable! I hope nobody kills you in the cull and sends you to the Band for the $30 bounty on dogs! Oooh, you good boy, I really hope nobody does that!

(PS: My home is in the basement there)

You’ll notice that most of these next photos revolve around melting snow. Normally such a thing wouldn’t merit a use of film, but up here a melt is really something to behold. It all started last Friday, and literally overnight the landscape and whole atmosphere does a 180. Snow starts to disappear, water starts seeping through on the ice (or something – anyone up here want to tell me what’s going on there?), the dirt road is an actual dirt road for the first time in 5 months… and tons of mud and so on. Obviously the concept of melting snow is no different here than in the GTA, but it’s the way it just starts melting out of nowhere and doesn’t let up for a week that gets to me.

This one here was taken down the Trevors’ street near Flin Flon on a particularly lovely Saturday afternoon last week. I cannot stress how insane it was to see melting snow that day. I mean, Christ, I took a goddamn photo of it.

Poor abandoned truck. Nobody loves you. Handsome-looking shadow down in the left, though.

Here, by the way, is the view the Trevors have across the street.

So that's that, your semi-monthly check-in from Northern Saskatchewan (not to be confused with anywhere on Earth that you'd want to live).


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