Tuesday, April 18, 2006

"...maybe if he’d help them a little instead of cutting back on everything, they wouldn’t be here.”

A few items of interest:

- First, an update: An apology is due to the girl who was using MSN in the Education library yesterday. Apparently, her phone line is down at home, her mother is dying of cervical cancer, and this was the only way she could get in touch! My mistake!

- The D’urbervilles got themselves a write-up this past Saturday in liberal rag, the Toronto Star. That link will also take you to a page with a podcast on it that has them in it. Better hop on the bandwagon today, kiddies.

- While I’m sending you off to other sites, check out Steph Davidson’s “Pretty Empty” off on the right, and follow her link to the funny PSAs from the American The Office. Yes, I could have linked you there myself, but then you’d miss out on Pretty Empty, which is actually a good blog (as opposed to, say, this one, which is not).

- With Arrested Development done with, you’re going to need to watch a non-cartoon sitcom that isn’t horrible. Luckily, they’ve got this new show on Sundays after Family Guy at 9:30 (what happened to American Dad?) called Free Ride. You will find almost no information about it online, nor will you ever see any advertisements for it on TV. Trust me, though – it exists, and it’s not bad. It’s about some dude who graduates university and heads back to his parents’ house and tries to make his way in the world. And he has a wacky best friend, and then a lame best friend who is married and has kids, and he pines for this girl and all sorts of stuff like that. It also wasn’t on this past Sunday, so I don’t really know what’s up. But check it out – Free Ride, Sunday at 9:30.

- According to a poll brought to my attention by the CBC, 60% of Albertans want more respect (meanwhile, 100% of homeless Albertans who are having the drunken premier throw money at them in the shelter also want more respect).

First, good job for the 40% of Albertans who aren’t assholes with a sense of entitlement. For the rest of you, why don’t you earn that respect? You think your province’s sudden rash of good luck is due to anything more than the massive price of natural resources? Do you think you did something special to somehow earn those resources in your backyard? Howzabout you pull your weight in this country and – instead of another handout from Ralph Klein – redistribute a percentage of that cash to Canada’s economically-disadvantaged areas? You remember Canada, right? The country you’re a part of? You’d better believe I’d respect you for that.

Come on. Respect? What the fuck for?


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