Friday, January 04, 2008

As Tired As This Blog

Rick Mercer: Too edgy for a tie

In the writers’ room at the Rick Mercer Report:

Writer1: Alright we’ve got the Mountain Dew, a few bags of Doritos and some Great Big Sea on the stereo! Let’s get crackin’ on ideas for the next month!

Writer2: Alright, I was thinking… you know how sometimes, Rick, you go around the country and visit politicians and other notable Canadians and just sorta… hang with ‘em?

Rick Mercer: Yup.

Writer1: Like, a barbeque with Stephane Dion? Fishing with Ed Stelmach?

Writer2: Exactly. Well, this time, I was thinking maybe you could try using comedy and satire to make a point and have an impact on our national discourse? You know, sorta like how the Daily Show or Colbert Report does, only in your inimitable, cantankerous style.

Writer1: We could do that, or we could go mini golfing with Dalton McGuinty! Or do a colouring book with Michaelle Jean!

Rick: Brilliant! Or, how about me and Stephen Harper skate down the Rideau Canal, and then I go down on him?

Writer2: Sorry, what was that?

Rick: Yeah, you know. Instead of providing incisive commentary in order to show that I have principles to stand up for, I can do my patented wishy-washy, gloves-on brand of humour with Stephen Harper while we do some folksy activity. And then at the end, just so nobody’s offended by the few meager, watered-down jabs I took at him, and everyone understands that I don’t mean him any ill will – even though I, personally, would have plenty of reason to – I can just suck him off, right on camera.

Writer2: Wouldn’t his wife have a problem with that?

Writer1: Not from what I hear…


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