Tuesday, April 25, 2006

And There's a Reason They Call it Queen's University

If only I'd gone to this Kingston!

This Saturday, I shall be leaving Kingston and returning to the Durham Region. With this in mind, let me now give you a comparison between Kingston and whatever city you now live in:

Your City:


- Streets run parallel to each other, like in ancient Rome

- Streets run in every direction, making navigation through town impossible

- Levels of traffic that are, at worst, a nuisance during rush hour

- Traffic so thick and lights so constantly red, it takes a good ten minutes to drive one kilometre (note: This is also true of London)

- Basically clean streets – should someone smash a beer bottle on the sidewalk, it will be cleaned up within 24 hours

- Broken beer bottles and garbage lie around for months. Gutters are never cleaned out

- Cab drivers are mostly immigrants from the Middle East and the Sudan

- Cab drivers are leathery-skinned white guys who wear vests and cowboy boots. Without exception, their cabs smell like cigarette smoke.

- People live in nice houses, and there are new suburbs springing up north of town

- Everyone lives in dilapidated, 100-year old homes

- Not home to several federal penitentiaries

- Location of several federal penitentiaries, and the inmates they jail

- Not bleak and depressing 10 months out of the year

- Grey, cold, overcast and a real downer almost every day


Blogger speff said...

i am at queen's and i like it okay.

10:21 pm  

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