Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I Bet She's Pretty Hairy, Though

You can tell the painting's classy, 'cause he painted her nipple

The following is an excerpt from an email I got from a legitimate... teaching-type organization:

"...a wealthy family will be taking 6 secondary aged children (aged 13 - 18, I believe) on a very large yacht for two years. The teachers will teach a distance learning programme to the children and this will cover most subject areas.


Candidates who are short-listed will probably be flown to Spain to meet the family and children and will be interviewed by the family and others.

The rewards (apart from travelling the world for two years!) will be a competitive salary that is tax free, free private medical cover, all living costs and transportation but to your county of residence during holidays."

Now, first off, I will obviously not get this job. If these parents 1) exist and 2) are rich, then they are also likely smart and will not take a male with training exclusively in History and the Visual Arts over a sexy young tart who knows legitimate stuff such as... Mathematics and Science, for example. But, man, imagine if it was.

Second, the wife is probably a lonely senorita who has a chilly relationship with her husband. She might even look like that painting up top. To think that I wouldn't be able to have sex with her while her husband is off screwing some villager on St. Maarten's would be naive.

But, shit, man, sail the Seven Seas for two years on a yacht with some Spaniards? It's almost worth looking into. Almost.



Blogger Cameron McKay said...

Yes, so you fornicate with the lonely senorita and then you're stuck on a boat in the middle of international waters. With an angry Spaniard. An angry Spaniard who will kill you.

10:57 am  
Blogger Beth said...

Yes I agree with the other post lol
perhaps you should wait until the END of the trip to fornicate lol then at least you have SOMEWHERE to run :)


12:22 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fantasies should be left without consequences...

6:20 pm  
Blogger Mike said...

Hmm... yes, never considered the angry Spaniard/international waters combination, and all that it might bring about. An astute observation, Cameron, and one that may save my life. I thank you.

4:00 pm  

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