Friday, July 14, 2006

You Gotta Love What You Do

Hmmm.... Not quite yet

Be cool – stay in school. Otherwise, the only class you’ll be in is the working class! Ha!

See, I spent all yesterday handing out resumes to temp agencies, and the fruits of my labour paid off today when I got a call to come in today, tomorrow and Sunday for 12-hour shifts at some sort of… industrial factory (fret not! The work is light). So I now have an honest day’s work under my belt.

I found my time today to be very depressing; not because it was hard on me (it’s pretty simple, brainless work), but because there are people for whom this is their life: working grueling shifts at some steaming hot factory, doing nothing, so that they can go home, enjoy themselves for 4-6 hours, sleep, and do it all over again. It’s a real downer. Because, you know, I care about the little guy.

After I got the call to go in, but before I got out the door, England phoned with a potential job offer. Apparently, some school in Newcastle (the real Newcastle) saw my thing and decided they want to interview me over the phone next week. This is my first solid lead, and, yet, I was unenthused. I’m sure Newcastle-upon-Tyne is a great place, but it’s no London (the real London), right?

I left the house feeling surprisingly indifferent towards this prospect. After about four hours on that job, my mind had significantly changed. Compared to a foreseeable future of temporary industrial work, Newcastle is fucking Fiji. I am set, and raring to go (though there is the matter of the interview on Monday).

So it's down to this...

Or this

Factory’s alright. Other than the insane hours, I have no complaints. At the same time, I do have to return Dalton McGuinty’s generous loan, so there’s not much to be said. My mind made up, I leave you now with the insight of another workaday joe.

Gareth Keenan once remarked that “girls who work in factories are slappers”. While it’s only been my first day on the job, let’s hope that Keenan’s observation holds true.


Blogger sare said...

Yes Slappers! WEll have your way with them Mikey.
Hey congrats on the potential job -at least you'll be alot closer to the REAL london that way, like a short bus trip. sweeeeeeet.

1:07 am  

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