Tuesday, May 09, 2006

People Who Are Having More Sex Than You #2

In the second installment of our continuing feature, we turn our gaze to this comely young lass. These are photos I found on Facebook. That is, they are publicly available. That is, this lass knew exactly what she was doing and what was showing when she posted these photos (larger versions of which are available when you click the photo). This means that she is so fucking unbelievably nutty in the sack that my brain can't really process it. Try it. Go ahead. Do you know a woman who is so fucking sexy that she knowingly puts photos of her tits on Facebook? No, no you do not. And if you did, you still would never be able to have sex with her.

It's also a good bet that she has a lot more sex than either you or me. I am willing to bet that, even though I am older, she has had considerably more sex with more people than I have. Or you.

The worst of it all? Fat-headed, balding Irish bastard is also having more sex than you.

PS: Ladies, I don't get it. How does that shirt work? If her hands weren't holding it up, her tits would be falling right out.


Blogger sare said...


11:02 pm  
Blogger Mike said...

Fuck no. Would I be wasting time writing a fucking blog if I could do that? Come on!

He looks like a fatter, balder Prince Harry from behind.

11:25 pm  
Anonymous Mark said...

Dudeski, you sly dog. Thats you.....I can even recognize the bald spot that you have. I am just shock that your doing hooter-shooter with someone so attractive......definetly not your style......unless she has 3 kids

9:14 pm  
Blogger Mike said...

(shaking fist)

PS: Speaking of bald spots, you ever check in an overhead mirror (specifically, the one hanging over your mom's bed)?

9:20 pm  
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