Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Poetry Corner

Ironic or heartfelt? You be the judge

On the long path
All white with white snow
An old man comes forward
With his cane in his hand
And all above the wind
That whistles in the branches
Whistles to him romance
That it sang little child

Live the wind, live the wind
Live the wind of winter
Which goes blowing and blowing
In the big green pines
Oh! Live the times, live the times
Live the times of winter
Snowball and New Year’s Day
And Happy New Year's Grandma


Blogger erin said...

hmmm....little bit of both maybe? Does it have to be exclusively one or the other?

5:11 pm  
Blogger sare said...

heartfelt schmeartfelt!

hey are you back at home yet???

12:44 pm  

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