Sunday, January 28, 2007

This is CNN

Edward R. Murrow would be rolling in his grave if his consciousness hadn't been transferred to a robot body

America’s most trusted news source. How is that measured? How can they be sure? I don’t exactly know. If anyone is giving credibility to CNN (or any other major news outlet), then they’re insane. In a world where:

- The U.S. is engaged in a war they so obviously lied their way into
- The U.S. wishes to provoke another war with Iran
- The President of the U.S. has demonstrably violated the Constitution on multiple occasions
- Pakistan and India both have nuclear weapons
- Climate change is quickly becoming irreversible
- People paying into social security will soon be outnumbered by those taking advantage of it
- The world’s supply of fossil fuels will be exhausted within my lifetime
- Galactica is close to finding Earth
- Small handful of corporatations are increasing their control over the world's disparate media outlets
- Wealth is being increasingly concentrated in the hands of a shrinking minority
- Billions of people live in poverty, some of whom are dying from a lack of potable drinking water and hunger

CNN has, over the past couple weeks, had the following items at the top of their page. Again, consider the context I have laid out above when reading these headlines and ask yourself if these are at all pertinent to our current societal discourse.


"Anderson Cooper: Man, my laugh is annoying"
“Gunman felt cheated over toilet invention”

NASCAR champ breaks wrist in golf spill

That Osama, Obama thing nothing but B, S
Lohan: I haven't had a drink in a week

A Mustang wagon?!? Say it ain't so

Is the Brangelina baby cuter than a panda cub?

Pet-cassos demonstrate their technique
Tail-wagging artists put paws to canvas

Baby pandas! Baby pandas! Baby pandas! (note: Yes, this is a headline)
Britney's Vegas new year didn't stay there

Rush hour! Baby can't wait, born on interstate

Suzanne Somers' Malibu house burns

Walrus does sit-ups, can't reach his toes

Is there any limit for 'American Idol'?

E-mailing during sex: Technology gone awry?

Freaky-eel-looking-bulb-headed shark in Japan

Incredible blinking Pelosi clocked at 85/min.

Ooh, now there's some serious journalism for you!

Note that all of this is merely a sample of the idocy that is displayed daily by CNN. Keep it in mind, is all I ask.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a sad, sad state of affairs. Our country is so fucked up it's funny, in a very scary way.

10:32 pm  
Anonymous Andrew said...

I share your concern about CNN, it can be quite disheartening at times. To pose a possible answer to your question, i would suggest that CNN's "most trusted" status is an object of truthiness - its true because wikipedia (read: we say)it is - so my question in return is: how is it that this can go unchecked?
Do we need to resort to a conspiracy theory with media barons and illuminati pulling the strings from behind the scenes or is their power part of something more insidious? Are we not complicit in the agenda of CNN as spectators to its flaws and as members of the same community as its viewers/consumers? Not to say that Turner and Murdoch are helping things along and the world might be a little better without CNN/FOXNEWS /SUNMEDIA or some substitute, but I think that infotainment is more a symptom than a cause unto itself.
Then again america is a place where if you are good at sports you can get away with murder (take that, oj)

1:45 am  
Blogger sare said...

Freaky-eel-looking-bulb-headed shark ... that's what I'm talkin' about! :P

9:14 am  

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