Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Holy. Living. Christ.

In late-breaking news that maybe one specific person reading this blog will care about, Nintendo is making a new Smash Bros. for their next system. And it will be online. And Solid frigging Snake will be in it, implying that perhaps other 3rd party characters will make appearances (Sonic and Mega Man would be fucking nuts – you could literally have Mario fight Sonic).

It also has that angel guy from that obscure Kid Icarus game (I don’t get why everyone loves that game), and a suitless Samus.

Yeah, you can play as Samus without her frigging suit. That’s nuts.

I don’t know what to say, other than nobody really cares about this shit other than Andrew and possibly Nate, and Nathan has difficulties navigating the Internets, so he’ll never read it. Aaron would also go nuts over it, but I think he was eaten by crocodiles 2 years ago or something. Too bad. He’d appreciate the suitless Samus more than anyone else, I think.

Now all we need now is a Mario Kart that doesn’t suck, and we’re good to go.

PS: It occurs to me that Adam and Nik would also be very pleased to hear this news, though I suspect that Adam's Smash Brothering days are behind him.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

maybe you'd get more slut ass if you weren't concerned about smash bros so much

9:52 pm  
Blogger Mike said...

How is she a slut? If chicks would react to me like that if I whipped it out in public and posted it in Facebook, I'd be doing it too.

7:54 pm  
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